Live and work in Taipei, Taiwan since 2016

C&G art group consists of artists Chieh-sen Chiu (Taiwanese, born 1986, Taoyuan, Taiwan) and Margot Guillemot (French, born 1993, Cork, Ireland). Though personal and collective works, it is an art creative team focused on merging digital imaging technology with the pattern of cultural development. Employing digital technology as the core basis of their artistic process, the team explores ways in which technology enters our daily lives, and applies this information into their process. How does one digitally reconstruct the possibilities of the urban landscape from intangible memories? 


Chiehsen Chiu graduated from the Beaux-arts of Montpellier in 2016, he also holds a BFA degree from the National Taiwan University of Arts. 

He focuses in creating work that has to do with memory, spaces, and historical documents, and he transforms his subtle experiences regarding human footprints and thought processes into art, focusing on creating a record of the flow, imagination, and reproduction present in the relationships between people, objects, spaces, and environments. Due to the plurality of his experiences in contemporary art, traditional crafts, and historic architecture, he has in recent years been using artistic experiments that combine technological objects and materials to explore the possibilities of multidisciplinary integration between historic human footprints and art.


Margot Guillemot holds a MFA degree from the Beaux-arts of Montpellier in France. She dedicates herself to exploring the art-ness of contemporary digital technology, through which she reflects on the idea of “reality”.

By examining the fluidity of time, she uncovers the nature and condition of human life; it is the irrefutable time, the deepest layer of self, or a blurring of the “self” and “subject,” collectively formed into an argument on “being.” From the paradoxical relationship between perception and cognition, reality and virtual, space and time, Margot questions the idea of “reality” – is “reality” necessarily “real?”


C&G ART GROUP Curriculum Vitae  | Portfolio

CHIEHSEN CHIU  Curriculum Vitae



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