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Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020 | Authentic World

2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展|真實世界


Exhibition Date:  2020.10.30 (Fri.)-12.31 (Thu.)

Curator: 陳志誠 博士 Dr. Chih-Cheng CHEN

Project Director: 羅景中 Jing-Zhong LUO

Coordinators: 莊哲瑋 Che-Wei CHUANG, 陳彥伶 Yen-Ling CHEN

Venues: 臺藝大藝術聚落、九單藝術實踐空間 NTUA Our Museum

Opening party: 2020.10.30(Fri.)14:00H

Official website:




第三屆大臺北當代藝術雙年展,立基於「真實世界」(Authentic World),向世界各領域專家、藝術家、詩人、產業機制、機構、研究單位發出邀請,各司其職的他們從民俗、歷史、宗教、自然、科學、科技、文學、視覺文化等領域給予不同的視域(horizon),共同聚焦於本原式的真實世界對話,這些面向世界的視域在觸及真實之際偶然地融合、相依、互斥或並存,然而,某種本質性的真實可能被遮隱著,大臺北當代藝術雙年展將揭開屏蔽之幕,照亮那些視域未及之處,顯露出世界的「本原」(arche)。每一件展出作品與合作成果閃耀著每個場域的勞動狀態、合規訓的過程性與實踐思緒等種種日常,這些日常便作為藝術對話與創造的材料。而各領域的力行隨著時間流逝在現實中留下殘影,逐漸凝結於藝術場域中,層層凝固的殘影隱然若現,暗示著藝術世界的真實。



About Authentic World

Finding its foundation in the “Authentic World”, the third Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art sends out an invitation to worldwide experts, artists, poets, industries, organizations, and research organizations of different fields of study and expects them to present different horizons from various aspects such as folk art, history, religions, nature, science, technology, literature, and visual culture, focusing on the essentially authentic world. These horizons may occasionally merge, co-exist, rely on each other or are mutually exclusive when it comes to contact with the reality; however, some kinds of essential truth are probably hidden. The Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art will unveil the truth and light up the unreachable parts that these horizons have not yet reached so as to show the “arche” of the world. Every piece of art and the collaborative efforts reflect the labour in the place, the disciplined processing, and the thoughts in practice, all the other ordinary stuff coming from each party involved, which ended up become the things which art communicate with and the materials of art. As time goes on, the effort made by experts of different fields causes the afterimage in the authentic world and crystalizes in the venue of art, within which these visions partially reveal themselves and obscurely speak of the truth of the art world.


The third Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020 proposes the four practical subjects, overlapping each other and arousing the momentum of creation: “Art on the Topics of Everyday Life” uses stuff of the ordinary life and “The Afterimage of the Authentic World” as the source of inspiration to trace the unreachable contour of the world. In “Whether the World Is Authentic”, one will find that the authentic world reveal itself like how it is supposed to do. “The Tourist Guide of the World” invites wandering souls to travel in its and have them roam around “NTUA Art Village” and “9 Art Space”. Meanwhile, the “Artistic Dwelling Project” embellishes the biennial, with artists staying in a building loaded with local history to cohabitating with the biennial itself.

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