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Future landscape 


Exhibition Date: 7th of July - 20th of September 2020
Artists:C&G Art Group (Chieh-sen Chiu, Margot Guillemot)

Curator: Tsai Shih-wei

Opening reception: 7/5 (sun.) with French artist Dorian Bauer performance, about food, recipe and culture (from 12PM)

Reception guest speaker: HUANG Hai-Ming 黃海鳴 (Adjunct Professor at the Dep. of Arts and Design, National Taipei Uni of Education).

Talks: 7/5 (sun.) 15:00-17:00 with HUANG Hai-Ming 黃海鳴 . 

           8/2 (sun.) 15:00-17:00 with LIU Ya-Lan 劉亞蘭 (Associate Professor at Department of Digital and Humanities, Aletheia                         University)

           9/20 (sun.) 15:00-17:00 with Chen Shiau-Peng 陳曉朋 (Artist)
Exhibition Location:U-mkt, No. 70-1, Sanshui Street, Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan



Curator’s introduction


After Heidegger determined “being there(Dasein)” as fundamental being of existence, the eternity of contemporary life became evident, but the alienation also endures. In this moment, we also enter the dual state of temporal and non-temporal being. This shows that there seems to be no gap between future and the present. Is it necessary to record this state of life in absolute time-space? In this world, is the presence of city necessary? Is the destined role of city to be the home or the prison of humanity? At the same time, what kind of city and future will we, as “being there,” face? 


In the rapid pace of the contemporary world, the truths and illusions of life pass by and are briefly yet enduringly understood. Is it possible to perceive and to feel this sort of epoch being? We may say it is important to pull away from this busy and fully occupied urban life-world; this is the one of main messages of contemporary art. At the same time, to depart from this urban tangle is to return the possibility of authentic human existence. The artists here on exhibit nonetheless do not wish to return to the human subject itself; rather, they wish to reflect on the mode of contemporary urban life.  


C&G Art Group, consists of artists Chieh-sen Chiu and Margot Guillemot, whose works jump out of our daily life in this world setup, take the urban as their subject, utilize images as file-grounds to reflect life and affect the present by duration by revisiting and reproducing the emerging digital imaging technology. In their works, haunting images mark out contemporary art’s trial of human potential and give a perspective on the tenuous fluidity of life existence. Moreover, images can abstract from the future and the space-time limits of landscape, to continue to pursue questions and hopes concerning ”What’s next?” To introduce the artists’ respective works, Chieh-sen Chiu uses images and paintings to pursue questions and catch the eternal moment of the world; Margot Guillemot employs digital landscape technology to assemble and install a virtual existence model of the contemporary city.



從海德格把「此有」(being there)決定為生存樣態的根本存有以後,當代生命的永恆性便呈現出來,而其異化性也至此綿延不絕。我們至此同時進入了時間性的和無時間性的存在狀態,未來與當下似乎沒有縫隙。在絕對時空間的去樣態生活是否還有被記錄或書寫的必要?這樣的世界是否還需要城市的顯題化?城市在其中的角色到底因此成為人的安居還是拘禁?同時,作為「此有」的我們,面對的又是甚麼樣的城市和未來呢?





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