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Expo/再交往-虛構的實存 2020.9.27-10.11

Updated: Oct 31, 2021



Curator: YOU Jing-rong 游峻榮

新樂園藝術空間 SLY art space

展覽:在交往 虛構的實存 2020.9.27-10.11 策展人:游峻榮 藝術家:吳瑋庭、洪聖雄、陳品汎、莊立豪、謝衡、莫珊嵐


When technology helps develop faster communication devices, human get used to communicate through the internet rather than face-to-face interaction, which is faster, but less spiritual. Physical communication is being neglected. When is the last time you said “I love you” or something sweet verbally rather than texting? My inspiration is the importance of interpersonal communication, it is what motivate human beings keep creating.


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