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Expo/Biennale Jogja :Bilik Taiwan 印尼日惹雙年展臺灣館 2021.10.6-11.14 (Jogja National Museum)

Updated: Oct 31, 2021


Biennale Jogja



Online exhibition here !


The invisible power span across the entire planet, and thus affect the continental waterbody. It has threads of connection with the mysterious cosmos which outside the planet. The Austronesian people take the outrigger canoe, using ocean surface currents to explore the wider world. That is, the part of Austronesian cultural features. Under the concept of “Pan”, we tried to break ideology and loose the framework of mainstream culture. Compared to mainstream cultures of modernism, the concepts of “Austro” and “Nesian” enjoy relative “openness,” conveying “fluidity” and “dissociation”. “Pan-Austro-Nesian” embodies broader perspectives and possibilities of the past Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts’ focus on indigenous culture. It departs from solely focusing on Austronesian cultures and also challenges the public to become more flexible in interpreting the world from perspectives other than the dominant western narrative. What we care about is how contemporary ideas may mingle and intersect with memories, beliefs and traditions of the local land, including the use of ocean as a metaphor to create linkages and foster communications. Taking a southern perspective that reflects upon linearity and centralization, we attempt to build new paradigms that are no longer dominated by modern consumption and industrial civilization. Meanwhile, we pay close attention to the encounters, contacts and conflicts of different scenarios and possibilities, as well as the exchanges of pluralistic cultures. The Bilik Taiwan present the works of Rahic Talif, ChihChung Chang, and C&G Art Group (Chieh-Sen Chiu & Margot Gullemot). Bilik Taiwan is a joint program with The National Culture and Art Foundation, Taiwan and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art.


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