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Award/X-Site:Booom room 爆炸容器 2021.7.13-8.22 (Taipei Fine Arts Museum )

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

2021年台北市立美術館 X-site 計畫 首獎

Program X-site is an annual event that solicits proposals for art projects to be exhibited in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum outdoor plaza. In 2021, the project Booom room by Overrun Guerrilla Act. x Arch For Real was chosen from a pool of thirty-one proposals.

Responding to this year's theme of X-Reality, the artists chose to consider the feeling of doom brought by post-industrial architecture and to use sound as a building material to create a synesthetic experience. The team created a tower shaped vessel that stores energy and simulates explosions with light waves, sound, and vibrations. The accumulation of these events and their physical energy create a dynamic game-like ambient zone. Audiences will be able to experience the structure through the different senses of touch, sight, and hearing.

General Concept

The general concept for this year's X-site project Booom room is based on the letter “X” of the program's title, which suggests a boundless, unknown variable. With Booom room, the collaborators have launched a thorough investigation of possibilities with regard to energy expansion and the traversal of space in a set of installations that radiate from the center of TFAM's outdoor plaza. Providing a visual focal point at the center of the various installations, a structure resembling a nuclear power plant cooling tower serves as a metaphor for our worry about and quest for energy. Furthermore, invisible, heterogeneous sound waves are generated that vibrate the space and expand the borders of perception.





Team Members

Head of Project: Chieh-Sen CHIU

Architect: Hung-Hsuan SHEN

OGA: Chieh-Sen CHIU, Sheng-Hsiung HUNG, Chih-Wei CHIU, Cheng-Tse WU, Margot GUILLEMOT

A4R: Yen-Fu LIN, Rhea HWANG, Bing-Hao XIE

Special thanks to: Born Free Inc., Huacai Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd., Zuo Dong Co., Ltd.




超限游擊:邱杰森、莫珊嵐(Margot Guillemot)、洪聖雄、丘智偉、吳承澤


聲音藝術家:澎葉生(Yannick Dauby)、徐嘉駿


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