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C&G Art Group will be holding a workshop in september !

C&G art group will be proposing a workshop at the Taipei Fine-Art Museum next 8th of September, from 6 PM to 8 PM. 

We will lea the participants to create their own masks: From the 3D model made from several pictures of their faces, we will prepare a paper model that participants will assemble themselves during the workshop . During this process, participants can observe how physical objects can be unfolded and re-assembled through 3D computing technology.

To register clik here !

工作坊創作體驗特別活動 ●活動時間:2018/09/08 (六) 18:00-20:00 ●活動地點:北美館兒藝中心大工作坊 ●教學講師:#莫珊嵐 #MargotGuillemot#邱杰森 ●活動對象:國中以上青年至成年人 ●活動人數:正取15人,備取5人 ●參加辦法:事先於本網頁預約報名




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