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Rootless Orchids - Chiehsen works flew to America !

展期 Exhibition period : 5/29-6/22 策展人 Curator:李方瑜 Fang Yu Lee 藝術家 Artists:Yin-Ju Chen、Pei-Hsuan Wang、Chiehsen Chiu、Yi-An Pan. 地點 Venue:AA & CC’s Asian Arts Gallery

The show opens at AA & CC’s Asian Arts Gallery (7700 Osler Dr., Room 2037, Towson, MD) on May 29th and runs through July 22nd. An opening reception will be held on Tuesday, May 29th from 6–8 pm, with a closing reception to follow on Sunday, July 22 from 5-7 pm.

Rootless Orchids features work by Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American artists focusing on shifting identities in the United States and East Asia. Curated by Fang Yu Lee, a candidate in MICA’s Curatorial Practice MFA program, the exhibit looks at transforming memories of immigration and notions of diaspora into microcosms of visual experience. The artists explore the issues of stateless identity in the postcolonial present, as well as diaspora, nomadism, and labor mobility. The artists seek to create a safe space within their exhibition in which Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders can freely talk about their experiences, and let their voices be heard.


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