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Small Singapore Show 2.0 at OCAC

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Here are some images of our works in the exhibition.

平行足跡 Parallel Footprints

Hollowed fabric maps (Singapore and Taipei), plexiglass, 3D printed parts

60 x 75cm



旅星法籍藝術家Gilles Massot在新加坡所留下的足跡,給予我們參照、映射,並且讓足跡

置於作品中,我們無法得知Gilles Massot他身處的地方是什麼樣貌,但卻從地圖上所顯示


In order to create a dialogue, we used mobile phone positioning software to describe an

unfamiliar place in Taiwan and Singapore. We borrowed from Singapore-based French artist

Gilles Massot the virtual footprints he left for us: we transferred those traces into our work.

Although we do not know what the place surrounding Gilles looks like, all types of data

contained in the map allows us to create a new geographical based artwork.


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