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Expo/Transcodage: Art Surveying Techniques of Maps超編碼—地理圖/誌的藝術測量術2021.04.24 – 2021.06.06

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

2021.04.24 – 2021.06.06

Transcodage: Art Surveying Techniques of Maps


(Collective exhibition​​)

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) | 臺灣當代文化實驗場

Curators: Chiu Chieh-Sen 邱杰森、Tsai Shih-Wei 蔡士瑋

For more informations, click here ! (English) (中文)

藝術家 Artists/

蔡國傑 Guo-Jie CAI、莊立豪 Li-Hao CHUANG、梁廷毓 Ting-Yu LIANG、吳育霈+朱淇宏 Yu-Pei WU+Chi- hong CHU、莫珊嵐 Margot GUILLEMOT、

洪聖雄 Sheng-Hsiung HUNG、超限游擊 Overrun Guerrilla Act.、吳瑋庭 Wei-Ting WU、Dorian BAUER、Armelle CARON、Duncan MOUNTFORD、

Leonor SCAVINO、石玩玩 Wanwan SHI、陳建泯 Kian Ming TAN、陳燕平 Yen Peng TAN

參展單位 Exhibitors/

財團法人國家實驗研究院國家太空中心 National Space Organization、宇騫數位科技有限公司 iSynReal Digital Technology Co., Ltd

地圖承載了人類對於世界化約成圖的觀點與洞見,但再精確詳實的地圖都擺脫 不了「界」的框架,人們根本無法繪製出一張無界的地圖。世界去域化似乎是新秩序的所在,但疆界並未因此消除,只是以新的模式或技術重設疆域。

地圖是有限範圍的人造擬仿物,領土的替身滿佈限制與障礙,藝術家幫助地圖逃離 一個充滿界的世界? 本展命名援引自德勒茲名著《千高原》中的解疆域論,以地理圖/誌中的邊界/境/緣問題進行自我解除。藝術家在創作領域上運用獨到視野重製地圖,輔 以當前科技力建立無疆域的新蓋婭世界。

Maps show us a version of the world reduced into an image. But no matter how precise our perception, and detailed our concept, a map cannot escape from boundaries: indeed, a map cannot be drawn without them. De-territorialization seems to be the place where there is a new order, but boundaries have not been removed only recreated, with new models and technologies producing different borders.

Maps are imitations constructed with our limitations, they become simulated territories full of restrictions and obstacles. Can artists use the map to challenge such boundaries?

This exhibition uses as a title a quote from Gilles Deleuze's book "A Thousand Plateaus," where he unravels the mechanisms of geographic territorialization. In the exhibition, we have invited artists to use their perspective to reimagine mapping supplemented by technologies in order to recreate Gaia’s world without boundaries.


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