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2017 Taipei Art Awards



Exhibition Date: 2017/11/23 - 2018/02/04

Artists:Yu-Song Wang, Chi-Yu Wu, Hsuan Hung, Chung-Han Yao, Liang-Hsuan Chen, Pei-Mao Sun, Kai-Chun Chiang, Sih-Chin Wu, Cheng-Liang Li, Chieh-Sen Chiu, Yi-Min Huang, Chi-Chuan Yang and Shuai-Cheng Pu.

Exhibition Location:Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
No.39 Chang-An West Road

Chieh-Sen Chiu places focus on the corresponding relationship between geography and people’s dwelling, creatively utilizing maps to explore modern social lifestyles. Through reproducing archives and semiotics, everyday perceptual experiences are detached to challenge people’s sense of realness for their surrounding spaces. No.39 Chang-An West Road consists of four artworks that are presented in two sections. On view in the first exhibition space is Direction Sensor, and in this artwork, Chiu seeks to expunge people’s spatial senses, immersing them in a state that resembles being in the middle of the ocean without knowing exactly where it is. Also on view in the first section is Surface. This flat sculpture showcases documents that Chiu began collecting while traveling, with the archive analyzed and reconstructed. The atlas is intentionally flattened, with the associations prompted by the research process showcased on micro-engravings resulting from rearranging multiple maps. The other artwork, Taiwan, Made in France, is based on a collection of local people’s understanding of Taiwan, gathered when Chiu was studying in France. The information gathered is then pieced together to form a version of Taiwan as imagined by the French people, with this map artwork created based on the French national standards for map-making. 


In the second exhibition space is The Voice of Map, which is inspired by NASA’s The Voyager Golden Record launched in 1977. Chiu engraves 11 maps of Taiwan from different periods onto vinyl records by hand, seeking to turn the patterns on the maps into melodies and to express a sense of vital energy through preserving the sounds of the world. The artwork also explores different possibilities by inter-transmitting and transforming various signals. 

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