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The Philosophy of Disclosure

Exhibition Date: 2017/11/25 – 2018/01/28 

Curators: CHEN Han-Sheng, LIU Shing-You

Artists: CHANG Po-Chieh, CHIU Chieh-Sen, Margot GUILLEMOT, HSU Jia-Jhen, LIN Cheng-Wei, Inhee MA, TSAI Yu-Ting, WANG Qi

Exhibition Location:National Taiwan Fine-arts Museum, Digiark


The Philosophy of Disclosure has four polarized sets of main concern merged together: living and surviving, the usual and the unusual, soliloquy and dialogue, virtuality and reality. It takes the artworks as a point of departure as well as the destination in the process of exploration and evaluation.

In today's world, we know the world through an algorithmic view that developed from a digitally-disciplined body. What the participating artists trying to represent is the same body's mechanism of uncovering to return to the media, the act of viewing, or the viewers themselves. Closure or disclosure: if artists' sensitivity is their exclusive language system, the exhibiting artists in The Philosophy of Disclosure abandon the possibility of representation through the representational technology of media, which ultimately offers them a stronger mechanism of sensitivity about "representation" itself.

Before the invention of digital technologies, we had already constructed digital experiences and tried to understand it. In other words, the analog logic is always a part of digital experiences. The title "The Philosophy of Disclosure" implies the strong attachment to the understanding of digital feelings through analog experiences and the impossibility to understand analog knowledge through digital experiences.  Whether it is the impossible or the possible, the closure or the disclosure, the exhibiting artists in their artworks all demonstrate their knowledge and experiences of how one lives and survives, particularly the gap and the re-established link between the digital and the analog. Through the traces of wind, sound, light, electricity, and images, the synchronized body speed is made possible to activate the elemental feelings.

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