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A Home of One's Own


Steel, wood, suitcases, fabric, LED strips, LED display screens, lights, plants, outdoor chairs; 3,30X3,30X2,50m; 

2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival “Light Up The Future”

This work, "A Home of One‘s Own," is made up of suitcases, symbolizing the feelings of each new immigrant who leaves his or her home country and moves to Taiwan. The LED light strips on the outside of the artwork form the outlines of the city’s 12 administrative districts.

鐵,木,行李箱,布,LED燈條,跑馬燈,燈泡,植物,戶外椅子 3,30X3,30X2,50m; 

2023 台灣燈會 | 光源台北


Margot Guillemot & Chiehsen Chiu

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