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Bonjour, Monsieur Chen Zhong-cun


3D print, lamp, motor; 208x199x35 cm (lamp and motor 115x40x40cm) 


Digital imagery doubled with reconstruction and reproduction technologies generated an upside-down village floating in the air, appearing like the landscape of a parallel world or a village in the clouds. Images call for the memories they imply: the idea is almost utopian; we are left to deduce and assume its illusory existence. Likewise, digital technologies displayed a distorted and fractured village where its relationship with life is divided and broken, where time stopped flowing. The work discusses how advanced technologies can recreate and preserve the inorganic life that changes every day.

3D列印,動力燈光裝置;208x199x35 cm (馬達/燈115x40x40cm)



Margot Guillemot & Chiehsen Chiu

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