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Connections network


Real-time computer graphics, Stereo Camera


Connection Network is an AI interactive art work derived from "Inter-terra" (2021), which projects map lines from the participants' heads to the floor, connecting people standing on the projection platform.

When there is only one person on the floor, the path will begin from him. When there are more than two persons on the platform, the route connects everyone on the platform and produces dynamic changes as they move.

Everyone is an independent "center" that expands the network to the surrounding area and connects with each other.

Through the projected maps, the invisible relationships between individuals and the spaces between them become visible and dynamic. The invisible concept of private space and your connection to others thus materializes. It is a single person who establishes a network relationship with other persons. In this way, the connection network is the reverse of solitary self- reflection in virtual reality, or the connection concept of a virtual community: a virtual space that can only exist with more than one person in a physical space.



的 AI 互動藝術作品,將地圖線條從參與者 頭上投射至地板上,將站在投影平臺上的人 相互連結起來。

當地板上有一個人時,會從他展開路徑。當平 臺有兩個人以上時,路線會連結平臺上的 每一個人,並在它們移動時進行動態的變化。

每個人皆是一個獨立的「中心」,向四周區 域展開網絡,連結彼此。

透過投影圖,個人之間的無形關係和它們 之間的空間變得可見和動態。私人空間的無 形概念和你與他人之間的連結具體化。是單 一個人與其他人建立網絡關係。這樣一來, 關係網絡就是虛擬現實孤獨自我反思的逆轉, 或虛擬社群的連結概念:這是一個只能在物 理空間中與不止一個人存在的虛擬空間。

Chiehsen Chiu

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