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Direction Sensor


19th Century Compass (Made in England), Accessory Board, DC Brushless Motor / Planetengetriebe (Made in Switzerland), 10.5 cm x 9 cm x 5.5 cm


In this artwork, Chiu seeks to expunge people’s spatial senses, immersing them in a state that resembles being in the middle of the ocean without knowing exactly where it is.

19世紀⿈銅指南針(英國製)、數位放⼤器\轉速調節器、無刷DC⾺達/⾏星減速器(瑞⼠製); 10.5X9X5.5cm


在第 一展間的作品〈方向感知器〉,邱杰森試圖抹除 人的空間感知,猶如方位未明處於湛藍海洋的 狀態。

Chiehsen Chiu

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