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Single Channel Video; 3’

2021 “Epidemic Distance” organized by the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the exchange of the world. CHIU Chieh-Sen takes Chengbei, the corridor of the city, as inspiration and proposes a solution to relieve the public’s desire to go abroad. As a stand-in for the actual field, the map is an essential medium for knowing a place. CHIU sets up his works in the city’s hallways and public spaces in department stores.

Department store represents modern commerce. It provides imported products from all over the world to the lives of every citizen, creates cultural exchanges, and forms an emotional ground.

Inter-terra establishes a worldview through paper maps in which an abstract network is constructed from aesthetics.
Therefore, it presents a corner of Taipei City and includes Taipei City in the universe, which is infinitely expanding and connecting like a neural network.

無聲動畫 ; 3’

2021 「疫常的距離」臺北當代藝術舘舉辦




Chiehsen Chiu

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