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The Voice of Map


Record Player, Speaker, Satellite Dish, Amplifier, Micro-engraving on Blank Vinyl Records (9 pieces), dimensions variable


The Voice of Map is inspired by NASA’s The Voyager Golden Record launched in 1977. Chiu engraves maps of Taiwan from different periods onto vinyl records by hand, seeking to turn the patterns on the maps into melodies and to express a sense of vital energy through preserving the sounds of the world. The artwork also explores different possibilities by inter-transmitting and transforming various signals.

唱⽚機、⾳響、衛星天線、類⽐數位聲⾳擴⼤器、⿈⾦唱盤、⿊膠唱盤; 依場地⽽定


作品〈刻畫造音〉的構想源 自1977 年美國太空總署的「航海家金唱片」。 邱杰森使用不同時期的台灣地圖,並以手 工方式雕刻至黑膠唱盤,試圖將地圖紋路化為 旋律,傳達對應於世界留聲的生命力,且探討 各種訊息交互傳遞、轉化的可能性。

Chiehsen Chiu

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