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Urban Metamorphosis


Steel, LED Strips, Colored Lights, posters;

2022 Treasure Hill Light Festival “Treasure Hill In The Future”

Altering the urban approach of using “physical” construction materials, the element of “light” is used by Margot Guillemot and Chiu Chieh-Sen to highlight various urban spatial textures, extending from historical cross-sections of the Treasure Hill Artist Village to discover possible variant patterns. “Metamorphosis” in the title suggests changes in physical form or structure, and the word is used in biology to describe the process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, which involves an abrupt change in the animal’s physical structure through cell growth and differentiation. By bestowing vitality and organic features onto inorganic concrete buildings, the transformation can lead to changes that are diverse and full of possibilities for cities in the future.​


2022寶藏巖光節 | 未來在此發生


Margot Guillemot & Chiehsen Chiu

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